New Jaya Industries Latur, Maharashtra.

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New Jaya industries was established in the year 2009 by Dudhale family where only few products were under manufacturing initially, however the product range got improved along with time and market demand. Currently company has successfully placed 5 manufacturing units in Latur, Maharashtra including one trading channel as well. With over 55 employees, the core of our business is into manufacturing all types of roofing products and also diversified into other raw material for building and construction sector. Highly advanced and automated machineries have raised the company's performance drastically over a decade. Company looks forward to bring more services and products in near future to enhance the entire roofing system and having such vision makes us one of the leading companies in the country. Using the best quality raw material brings the top quality finished goods; hence New Jaya Industries sources the raw material from country's giants in this segment. We warmly welcome all to associate with us for commercial collaborations.

New Jaya Industries

Products and activities

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On-going sites

New Jaya Industries is currently serving to the entire nation and few of them are shown in the image above.

Isometric view of PEB steel building

A complete plan with different dimensions of an isometric view of PEB structural shed is shown in the image above.

Our products

New Jaya Industries manufactures wide range of high quality products which are shown in the image above.

New Jaya Industries-Latur